Wholesale Suppliers for Cape Grim Beef

New South Wales 

22 George Young Street, Regents Park, 2143
Tel   (02) 9795 2400
E   pbezzina@melrina.com.au
W     www.melrina.com.au/locations/melrina-sydney/
38 Birnie Avenue, Lidcombe 2141
Tel   (02) 8668 8250
Fax   (02) 8668 8252
E   sales@andrewsmeat.com
W     www.andrewsmeat.com.au
Homebush Wholesale Meat Co.
50 Harley Cres. Condell Park NSW 2200
Tel   (02) 9709 3666
E   admin@hem.com.au
W     www.hem.com.au


Australian Wholesale Meats

29 Devlan Street, Mansfield 4122

Tel   (07) 3343 7399
Fax   (07) 3343 7366
e   sales@awmqld.com
w   www.awmqld.com.au
Prime Cut Meats QLD (restaurants)
12 Steel Place, Morningside 4170
Tel   (07) 3399 1390
Fax   (07) 3399 2536
E   laurie@primecutmeats.com.au
W     www.primecutmeats.com.au
75 Ebbern Street, Darra 4076
Tel   (07) 3375 2013


Western Australia

D.R Johnston Group (Perth)
3/146 Carrington Street, O'Connor 6163
Tel   08 9331 7700
E   perth-sales@johnston.com.au
Mondo Di Carne (Food Service)
5/41 King Edward Rd, Osborne Park 6017
Tel   08 9204 4099
E   www.mondo.net.au/wholesale
Tenderspot Meats (Servicing NW WA)
3/31 Clementson St, Broome 6725
Tel   08 9192 1258
E   www.tenderspotmeat.com


Freshline Tasmania
5-13 Johns Street, Western Junction 7212
Tel   (03) 6391 8488
f   (03) 6391 8806
E   sales@freshline.net.au 

South Australia

Holco Fine Meat Suppliers
156 Churchill Road North, Cavan 5094
Tel   (08) 8162 8400
E   dculbert@holco.com.au
Vic Wide Meat Brokers
9 Holcort Road, Laverton North, Vic
Tel   (03) 9931 1022
E   colinp@vwmb.com.au
W     www.vwmb.com.au


Vic Wide Meat Brokers
9 Holcort Road, Laverton North
Tel   (03) 9931 1022
E   colinp@vwmb.com.au
W     www.vwmb.com.au
Flinders + Co (restaurants only)
34 Hamilton St, Oakleigh 3166
Tel   (03) 8393 0910
E   info@flinders.co
W     www.flinders.co
Pure Beef - The Way Nature Intended We hope you enjoy making and eating - this Cape Grim Beef dish. The array of recipes are updated continuously so please check the website for new additions.

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I bought a Cape Grim Sirloin after watching Ask the Butcher. The butcher was Dawson Road Butchery and he cut it up for into 8 steaks, it was the most beautiful steak I have ever eaten, thank you for your wonderful product!

Suzie, Wandal, QLD

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Restaurants & Retailers

Peter G Bouchier Butchers

Peter G Bouchier Butchers

Berardos Bistro on the Beach, Noosa

Berardos Bistro on the Beach, Noosa

Silver Creek Smokers

Silver Creek Smokers

The European 161 Spring St Melbourne

The European
161 Spring St

Bar Nacional, 727 Collins St

Bar Nacional, 727 Collins St

Our Farmers

Stephen Pilkington

Stephen Pilkington

Paul Saward

Paul Saward

Charles Henry Rothwell


John D Bruce

John Bruce 2546

Dallas & Jenny

DJ & JJ House
From the lush pastures of tasmania comes the finest quality hand-selected beef. Wholesome grass-fed beef, tender and rich in flavour