Benefits of Meat Standards Australia

You may have noticed that the quality of beef in your local meat retailer has improved significantly over the last few years.

There’s a reason for that. The beef industry, with support from Federal and State Governments, has been working to ensure that when consumers buy beef, they get a guaranteed result, every time.

MSA - Meat Standards Australia

This program is called Meat Standards Australia (MSA).

MSA is the result of millions of dollars in research, identifying all those factors, from breeding to processing, retailing and cooking, that impact on eating quality. By knowing these factors, we can ensure that they are all managed to achieve the best result.

Important factors that impact on eating quality include;

  • the age and breed of the cattle,
  • quality of pasture,
  • type of feed,
  • animal handling,
  • processing conditions,
  • type of cut and cooking techniques.

In fact, by knowing this information, MSA is able to accurately predict how every cut of meat off an individual carcase will perform under a range of popular cooking methods.

Greenhams' Smithton abattoir. The meat processing company is looking to sell grass-fed beef into the US. Picture: Grant Wells.

Greenhams' Smithton abattoir. The meat processing company is looking to sell grass-fed beef into the US. Picture: Grant Wells


This is the task of the MSA Graders. These specially trained people assess each individual carcase within participating abattoirs and allocate eating quality grades based on this world-leading science. This grade information is then passed along the supply chain so that butchers are able to accurately provide cuts of beef which suit the right cooking method, and the right occasion, every time.

Beef, which has been graded under this exciting program, is identifiable by the distinctive green and yellow Meat Standards Australia logo.

Ask your meat retailer for beef graded by Meat Standards Australia – you’re guaranteed to get great beef, every time.

For more information visit the Meat Standards Australia website.

You can also find out how to cook the perfect steak, how to cook a roast and how to match cuts and cooking methods.

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The quality and ‘value’ of meat should not be measured by how heavy a feedlot can grow their beef. Rather, we look after our animals from when they are born to when they are sent to Greenham – we try to give them a quality of life all the way through – and that’s why we end up with a really good product.

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