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Mouth-watering Cape Grim BeefScenic Cape Grim, NW TasmaniaCape Grim rib eye at Black Cow Bistro, TASPeter Greenham launches the Traceability program with QR CodesCape Grim Scotch FilletLonesome BullBen Milborne & Andy Allen (MasterChef) and farmer, John Bruce - Image by Tara DunstanGraeme PrettyCape Grim Rib RoastScenic view of cattleCape Grim on the menu at Prime SocietyCattle at Smithton, The NutPeter Greenham Jnr in the Smithton plantRoast Beef - Cape Grim styleCape Grim short rib with mustardCattle grazing in front of The Nut, StanleySmithton Boning RoomChar-grilled Cape Grim BeefTender and Moist Cape Grim BeefNeil Perry with dry aged Cape Grim BeefCape Grim grass fed beefCattle in StanleyCape Grim coastline, NW TasMouth watering Cape Grim beefCattle in StanleyBoning Room in 1950sSelection of Cape Grim Beef at the Railway Club Hotel, Port MelbourneChar-grilled Cape Grim BeefCape Grim CattleChar-grilled Cape Grim BeefDinner in the paddock overlooking The Nut, StanleyIndonesian Beef Rendang made with Cape Grim BeefCape Grim steak at Church Street EnotecaCape Grim Eye FilletSun smart CattleMouth-watering Cape Grim BeefMouth-watering Cape Grim BeefGreenham FamilyGreenham cattleCattle grazing in StanleyCape Grim CattleCape Grim Eye FilletGuy Wigg - Cape Grim Beef FarmerMSA Graded Award Winner Rockhampton 2012Cape Grim StriploinGuy Wigg - Cape Grim Beef FarmerCape Grim Beef at the Railway ClubCattle grazing in StanleyMouth-watering Cape Grim BeefMouth-watering Cape Grim BeefOverlooking The Nut, StanleyCattle grazing and overlooking Mt Cameron
Knowing that the beef is selected from only Angus and Hereford cattle in the north-western corner of Tasmania you can be assured it is fed on some of the most lush green pastures in the country.
Brent Farrell, Brents Restaurant
From the lush pastures of tasmania comes the finest quality hand-selected beef. Wholesome grass-fed beef, tender and rich in flavour

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