Eye Fillet with Fennel & Jus

Slow-roasted Cape Grim Beef Fillet
with Crushed Peas, Parsley, Spring Onion, Crumbed Baby Fennel & Red Wine Jus

Serves 6



Cape Grim Beef Tenderloin - Ask your butcher for a 2kg piece of un-portioned Eye Fillet



  • Remove tenderloin from packaging and pat dry with a freshly laundered kitchen swab 
  • Carefully remove fat, silverskin and connective tissue 
  • Trim the fillet by removing the head and tail to leave a uniform length of beef (you can use the remainder for a steak sandwich later)
  • Place beef on a roasting rack and place in oven @53C for 5 hours 
  • Sear on a grill until golden then rest for 10 minutes 

 Season, slice and serve


Spring Onion Ravigote

1 tsp Pommery Seeded Mustard 

1 tsp Chardonnay Vinegar 

100 ml EVOO 

1 tbls Baby Capers (finely chopped) 

1 tbls Cornichon (finely chopped) 

1 tbls Continental Parsley (finely chopped) 

2 tsp Tarragon (finely chopped) 

2 tsp Spring Onion (finely chopped)



  •  Place all chopped ingredients in a mixing bowl 
  •  In a separate bowl, whisk mustard, vinegar and EVOO together to make a dressing 

Pour dressing into the chopped ingredients 

Season to taste


Crumbed Fennel

2 heads Baby Fennel Bulbs 

2 lt Court Bouillon 

1 cup Plain Flour 

1.5 cups Eggwash 

2 cups Panko 

1 tbls Sage (finely chopped) 

1 tbls Continental Parsley (finely chopped)



  • Wash fennel, trim core and leaves then pull apart 
  • Poach fennel in court bouillon on simmer until translucent 
  • Remove from liquor and chill 
  • Set up crumbing station. Crumb fennel by dusting in flour, dipping in eggwash then tossing in panko/herb mixture 
  • Deep fry @ 170C until golden 

Season and serve


Jus de Vin Rouge

1.5 lt Rich Beef Stock 

1.5 lt Red Wine 

150g Caster Sugar 

100 ml Red Wine Vinegar 

1/4 x Star Anise



  •  Heat red wine vinegar and sugar to make a gastrique 
  •  Add the rest of the ingredients and reduce by 2/3 or when it coats the back of a spoon evenly 

Serve at room temperature so skin doesn’t form

Pure Beef - The Way Nature Intended We hope you enjoy making and eating - this Cape Grim Beef dish. The array of recipes are updated continuously so please check the website for new additions.

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The Railway Club Hotel is Melbourne's Premier Steak Venue.

We use Cape Grim as our premium product because the quality of their grass fed beef is second to none. We enjoy consistently high marble scores, tenderness and flavour all year round giving us pride of product, and value for our customers.

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